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About /slash-s/:

/slash-s/ is a weekly webcomic created entirely in text.

Utilizing the age-old magic of ASCII-art, /slash-s/ tells bite-sized, 4-panel stories with adorable, and sometimes odd, kaomoji / ASCII art.

Wtf is ASCII? Wtf is Kaomoji?

ASCII stands for: American Standard Code for Information Interchange [ how exciting! ]

ASCII art is a generic, catch-all term for art made with text. Any picture / graphic made entirely from a set of computer characters is often referred to as 'ASCII'.

To read more about the fascinating details behind ASCII & ASCII art, check out the nice & beefy Wikipedia article here.

Kaomoji, on the other hand, is a Japanese emoticon style made up of Japanese characters and punctuation marks. Basically, Japan wanted emojis before graphical emojis were a thing. So, they did what they do best: they got creative.

In a nutshell, it's not too much different than standard ASCII art, however the term Kaomoji is often reserved for faces / bodies representing various emotions.

However, this is the internet. Any and all definitions of any word is wrong to one person or another. Therefore, take the above explanations with a grain of salt... or just chill out and enjoy some cute-ass text people.

Why does this site exist on my computer right now?

One night, I went to bed thinking about making comics. Me and comics, however, have a tough relationship. They take me a long time to make. I wanted to make them more regular and quicker, while still being original in some way.

Then, BAM!, it hit me! I woke up in a frenzy with a marvelous idea! I screamed at the top of my lungs:


Turns out, I had a fever that night and was having night-terrors.

But, in the morning I woke up clear headed and had a much better idea:

I should make comics with pure-text!

And so, I did. I got to work over the next couple of days and whipped up a basic "comic-creator" tool that would help make produce weekly ASCII comics.

I love the look of these abstract little characters, and I like the 'animation' style that I'm able to have with each of the panels. It looks neat, and I enjoy making them... well, when I have a clever idea for a comic, at least. Otherwise, I'm stressing about how unfunny I am and how my comic is going to die because I have no ideas and surely I can't do another butt joke I mean c'mon I'm better than that right like holy shit why can't I think of anything funny what's wrong with me I'm going insane where are the jokes is humor dead or did it even ever exist where am I why are these squiggly lines all over the place what's my name HELLO?

But other than that, I love it.

In order to best view these comics, you might need to follow a few guidelines.

[ note: sometimes, a comic-panel may have some lines and what not mis-aligned. this is due to the character-width of certain special characters being off. don't worry bout it, just pretend it's something we intended on doing (ง ื▿ ื)ว ]

Turn off any custom fonts you may have on your browser

In order for ASCII art to show up properly, you'll need a fixed-weight / monospaced font. I provide one through this website by default, but if you have any custom font settings that are overriding my site's fonts... you're probably gonna end up having a bad time.

If you can't see a certain character, or you see an empty box where you think something should be...

This simply means that your browser doesn't support that character. It might be from a different language, or some weird rendering thing. Sorry about this! Link below to where you can reach out and complain (・_・ヾ)

Scaling may have to stay at 100%

On most browsers & set-ups, you can scale the webpage without too many odd things happening. However, browsers do this really funny thing where you ask them to be based on some type of standard and they say "fuck you" and do things however they want to.

What I'm trying to say is, every web-browser, much like our genitalia, is different. Your results with scaling may vary.

...That should be it, really, but 3 items just felt a little empty...

If you notice any problems with this website, feel free to reach out to @SuperMegaShip on twitter. Our DM's are open, and we appreciate the feedback

Site Info & Stats & Nerd-Stuff

Frameworks? Compilers? Space-Age Tech?

No frameworks / fancy markup tech here! Nothing wrong with that stuff, this site just didn't warrant them.

This site was coded in vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Gotta love the web!


We use Adobe Source Code Pro. We use the nice & simple 'Variable' format in the 'Roman' variety. We also have some fallback to your browser's built-in monospace font.

File Size?

[ note: site is in need of clean-up. these size's should come down in the near future. ]

index.html - ~10.9kb

style.css - ~10.5kb

script.js - ~17.8kb

How does comic loading work?

In a nutshell, we take the number that appears after the '?' in the url, and lookup a Javascript file named 'comic_' + number. This file contains the comics information such as the title & panels.

Surprisingly simple, reliably robust.

Do you store anything on my computer?

We store one cookie. One itsy-bitsy cookie 🍪

We use this cookie to determine if you have switched on the 'dark-mode' for this site. We figured you'd be ok with us storing a boolean in your localStorage if it meant not burning your eyes out late at night.

Comic License

/slash-s/ comics are under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 License.

In short, share, modify, go nuts. When you share, you are allowing others to freely share & modify as well. These comics should stay free & accessible for people.

Also, providing the orginal source [ this website ], helps out a lot. If you link back to us, thank you, you're good people.

Any other cool tech stuff?

[ not yet, watch this space ]